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After many years of hosting the GEG website, maintaining the email list, and creating our newsletters, I've decided it is time that I move on. Are there members who feel up to the challenge of taking on these roles, perhaps learning a new skill amongst supportive friends?
Contact me if you are interested.
The website will remain online for a while. Please download anything you are interested in — see the Resources page. Thanks! Terry Thorson

pinkberriesGardeners Exchange Group (GEG) is an informal network of avid gardeners from Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, West Virginia and beyond. Our purpose is to bring together people who share an interest in the practical, hands-on challenges and pleasures of gardening. Members are young and old; men and women; professionals, retired and working people; master gardeners and beginners. The gardening interests of GEG members are just as diverse: wildflowers to roses, fruit trees to mushrooms, water gardening to Xeriscaping.

GEG welcomes new members! You may participate at whatever level meets your interests and schedule. No previous gardening experience is necessary. Check the calendar to find out the location of the next meeting; you are welcome to simply show up; we have no membership requirements. We (usually) meet on the third Saturday of the month, April through October.

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