Minutes April 2012

Minutes April 28 Meeting

The start of a new season and a wonderful meeting at Joan and Jerry’s. They were excited to show off their wonderful home, garden and new greenhouse. It really looked great!
The meeting started with breakfast items that the members brought and all of it was really
tasty. Joan really set a nice table for everything. Thank you so much Joan and Jerry for
hosting this meeting.

Members brought plants, some cuttings and some bare root. Plenty to go around. Chairperson Carole Brooks began the meeting with a history lesson of GEG and the original members and how they were setting up the group and how she intends on continuing with some changes to simplify the tasks. Terry Thorson was introduced as the
Web person who is continuing to set up the new site including email issues and hopefully

Discussed were:

  • GEG Signs: were greatly needed; made by Steve Brooks
  • Email format: We intend to clean up our email list. Terry will send an email requesting your response in order to remain on the mailing list. You will then be directed to a form designed to collect your address, etc. (and your birthday month, for the fun of it). We would like to create a booklet with member information so you will be able to contact other members.
  • Email etiquette: Please remember to check to see if you are replying to the email sender or to the entire group when you click that “Reply” button on your email. Some emails may contain a “Reply to” which is different from the “Reply.”
  • Website Calendar: We have a volunteer to maintain the calendar, so you can send your information to her for posting. More on this later.
  • Old site information: The old plant list is now on the new site in pdf format.
  • Name Tags: will be provided at each meeting. If you still have yours please bring it but for those that don’t adhesive tags will be provided.
  • New volunteers: Co chair for remainder of 2012 will be shared by Betty and Priscilla; Treasurer will be Larry Kruhm [correction: Priscilla is the Secretary, Betty will take minutes when she is not out of town and whenever Priscilla is not available.]

Carole has decided there needs to be a subject for each meeting and has chosen the following subjects and people to address them:

  • May – Research on Bugs: Wendy Maddox
  • June – Canning/Preservation: Suzy Yates (Members are to bring a canning recipe)
  • July – Herbs: Peter Yates
  • Aug – Tomatoes: General (Bring tomatoes for tasting)
  • Sept – Planting successes and failures: Dianna Eldridge
  • Oct – Cleaning and sharpening garden tools: General (Bring your special tools)
  • Jan – Soil Testing (Jefferson County)

New visitors: Sharon and Greg are organic gardeners who live off of the land and have a
wealth of information to share. Discussed were:

  • 4/12 fertilizer – helps with health issues
  • Fruits they grow: rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, apricots, apples, sweet cherries, peaches and pears. Others: Organic asparagus and rhubarb
  • Starting their garden (February): Start plants, Paper pots, Water
  • Photos of their Hoop house which has taken them through the winter with vegetables.
  • Fertilizers used: Fertrelle fertilizer, Green sand, Rock phosphorous, Wood ashes, Kelp (Common Market, Frederick, MD has food grade kelp)
  • Catalogs suggested are: Peaceful Valley – Organic, Gardens Alive, HighMowingseeds.com – (Seeds), Territorial Seeds, Johnny’s, Meyer Seed Co.
  • Suggests floating row cover to help with the bugs as well as lowering the temperature. But be sure to open for pollination.
  • Suggests using compost tea: Compost in cheesecloth; Provide air bubbles to move the compost around in the water; Let stand; For watering or spraying.
  • Kelp spray periodically
  • Good hoses suggested are: Gilmore – (Home Depot)


  • Backyard Alley 2012 requesting helpers – email Don Davis for info.
  • Larry K, as promised has provided the information where he buys his plants at the  Jefferson Co. High School, 4141 Flowing Springs Road, Shenandoah Junction. Please call to be sure what time they will be open for purchases. 304 7258491

Have a great season!

Submitted by Ellen Cotton