Notes September 17 — Hellebores


Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 17 September 2022Speaker: Betsy WellsTopic: Hellebores Members of GEG met at the home of Betsy Wells in Charlestown. Twenty-three members and guests were in attendance. After a social breakfast and time to get reacquainted, Coordinator Kathy Dillon welcomed attendees and asked that we each introduce ourselves and briefly say what our…

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Notes August 20 — Finding Tranquil Spaces Amid Chaos!

Peaceful Outdoor Spaces

Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 20 August 2022Speaker: Diana EldridgeTopic: Finding Tranquil Spaces Amid Chaos! GEG member Diana Eldridge graciously welcomed GEG member and guests to her home for a discussion we called “Finding Tranquil Spaces Amid Chaos!” Diana’s once peaceful rural neighborhood has been going through growth (pains). Those attending were treated to the beautiful…

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Notes July 16 — Invasive Species

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 16 July 2022Speaker: Diane NiedzialkowskiTopic: Invasive Species Another informative GEG meeting with a lively presentation and group discussion on Invasive Species. Diane, a retired science teacher, did a superb job of introducing the topic by stating that invasives can be plants (ex: garlic mustard), insects (jumping worm), birds (English Starlings), and…

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Notes June 18 — Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 18 June 2022Location: Home of Nicola BastianTopic: Chinese Herbs The June 2022 GEG meeting was well attended by 18 members and guests. The topic, “Chinese Herbs”, was proposed and hosted by member Nicola Bastian. Nicola’s converted school home was a perfect setting for this event with the building’s history and character,…

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Notes May 21 — Stepping Stones & Hypertufa

Stepping Stone by Kathleen Dillon

Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 21 May 2022Location: Home of Ellen PittTopic: Stepping Stones & Hypertufa About 18 members and guests joined the fun at the May GEG meeting. Our hypertufa presentation and hands-on pot-making took up the majority of the meeting, as Ellen talked about the media and then members “dug in” to choose containers, gloved…

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