From My Garden: Jane Wagner’s Lilies

We are starting a new feature here at GEG called “From My Garden.” Send in your garden photo and ask a question, share a solution, or just plain brag about your beets!

Jane Wagner with LiliesFrom Jane Wagner, Charles Town: Years ago a friend gave me what she identified as Turk’s Cap lilies, the tallest native wildflower. They are thriving and put on a great show each July.  They passed their peak in this photo but are still pretty impressive – and easy to grow. Note that I am only in the photo for scale. (I say the lilies are tall.  My husband says I am short.)

Jane Wagner's LilyBut are they really Turk’s Cap or are they Asiatic lilies? I recently read that the Turk’s have a green star at the center of the blossom. These do not. Can anyone confirm what I have? Whatever they are, they are fun, not invasive in my setting, and pretty easy to share. If you want some, I am happy to share. The young ones are easy to transplant in spring. They take a year or so to establish before blooming.