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Wildflower Walk
May 15 @ 9:15 pm – 10:45 pm
Wildflower Walk @ Ferry Hill Plantation

Wildflower IN-PERSON Walk

Join us at Ferry Hill Plantation in Sharpsburg. Our Wildflower Walk, held to coincide with the peak of the early spring wildflower season, will offer something for everyone, advanced and beginners alike. During May, some of the flowers we might see: Shooting Stars, Wild Lupine, May Apples, Jack in the Pulpits, Wild Columbine, Blue Cohosh, and maybe a few lingering Dutchman’s Breeches and Squirrel’s Corn. Your walk leader is Mary Duke. We will be breaking the participants up into smaller groups for the walk in order to ensure adequate physical distancing. The trails around Ferry Hill are primitive, so wear sturdy walking shoes. Please leave pets at home. And thank you for leaving the wildflowers for all to enjoy! Participants will meet at the Ferry Hill Plantation parking area at the top of the hill, just over the bridge across from Shepherdstown at 9:30am. A second walk will be scheduled for 10:30am if we have enough participants. Please assemble 15 minutes before the walk. The walk will last approximately 30 minutes. In case of rain, the walk will be cancelled; check the website and Facebook page. Contact Kathy Dillon to RSVP by May 7: or text 3017320462 Directions/Parking: Ferry Hill Plantation information here, including parking. Plant Exchange: In the parking area after the 9:30am walk.