Minutes April 26 — Turf Equipment

April Meeting at Don and Betty Nuttall’s home with Bub Hulburt from Turf Equipment

butterflyIt was a perfect day and the most perfect place to be. As you entered the porch and patio of Don and Betty’s home you could smell the wonderful aroma from the Korean Spice Virburnum (Carlesi). The aroma was there even as you ate breakfast which was another wonderful feast. We work so hard in our yards and when we sit down in them we see all of the things we need to do. It is so nice to sit and enjoy someone else’s garden because we can appreciate what is done and we don’t know what needs to be done. This is such a magnificent time of year.

Terry said that the website was up and running but she sure could use some help keeping information on pages up-to-date, such as the Local Suppliers page. She said that Lisa couldn’t do the name tags this year and asked for a volunteer. Marye William, a new member, said that she would be happy to take that on. Thank you so much Marye! So next month we will have a sheet for people to sign up for name tags if they need one. We also need a backup for Cathy Crane who takes pictures at the meetings. If you can do this, please let me know. Terry would be happy to put any information you have about upcoming events on our calendar. It would be nice to have one calendar to look at and see what is going on around our area each week.

Mary Stanley came and brought the brochures for the 15th Annual Back Alley Tour. She would like GEG members to volunteer to be Docents. You would get to do the tour and the tea for free in exchange. The cost is $20.00 until May 14 and after that it will be $25.00. Please call Mary at 304-283-8719 or preferably go to the website and sign up.

geg-meeting-0414Bob Hulburt from Turf Equipment told us that they not only do irrigation but also lighting. The bread and butter of the company is from providing materials and equipment to contractors, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t also provide to the individual home owner. The company does not install systems, but Bob can refer you to a good contractor to do the job. When you come in to see him, mention GEG and he will give you a 15% discount. You will find that some of the things (especially in the lighting field) are more expensive than at local handyman stores but the quality and guarantee far surpass what you will get from the cheaper places.

irrigationIrrigation systems were not really developed until after World War II. The developing golfing industry brought into the limelight the benefits of having a watering system. Now even homeowners want watering system in their yards. Bob showed us the different ways you can spray or drip water. Plant roos will always migrate to water. One farmer put his system 24” deep so that he could till over it. Automatic timers to turn the water on and off are really beneficial and there is a huge source to choose from. You will need a filter on any system especially if you are using a well. If you come in to see them, they will help you design a system specific for your needs. Greenhouses usually use a mister system. When you plant seeds it is better to use a spray system that covers the whole area. Once the seeds germinate and you can see where the rows are, replace the spray system with a drip irrigation one.

In regards to lighting systems, you can do so much. The price of LED lighting is coming down and the choices are unending. You can choose different color lighting for different areas. A blue light or cool white light measures about 3000 Kelvin while the yellow warm light is only about 2700. The higher the Kelvin the cooler the light will be while the lower the Kelvin is the warmer the light will be. Lighting enhances any yard.

Bob gave us a list of supply companies and their products that you can go and look at before you visit the store. You can soon find this list on the GEG web site. They can order any of the things listed. Turf Equipment carries – irrigation systems, landscape lighting, water features and fountains, and drainage systems. Take a look! You might find something perfect for your needs and get a 15% discount to boot.

Betty then showed us around her beautiful yard. She started with her white garden and proceeded to the backdrop of trees along the property line. They have a terrible problem with deer and use coyote urine which seems to help. Their vegetable garden is all in raised beds and surrounded by an electric fence. The fence is very low and doesn’t take away from the landscaped yard. They just put peanut butter on the wire which attracts the deer, shocks them and then they stay away. Don said that when we go to the next meeting about raising vegetable in bales to be sure and find out how they make the holes. He is doing this system this year and putting in the holes was tricky. Betty recommended Sunny Meadows Nursery in Sharpsburg and suggested that everyone get on their mailing list. Most of the things she purchased from Blue Stone Perennials and Stoke Seeds. Another recommendation that she made was to always plant grasses where you can burn it down each winter. It keeps it under control.

We had wonderful give-aways. Thanks to all who brought things to share.

  • Cindy Crane brought daffodils
  • Betty Nuttall — Karl Forester Grass and Iris
  • Jane Blash — Primroses
  • Jane Wagner — Hardy Geraniums, Foam Flowers, the giant orange Lilies, and Egyptian Onions
  • Carol Niedzialek — Liriope
  • Terry Thorson — Early Potatoes
  • Carole Brooks — Hydrangea, curly willow, and sedum.

May’s meeting will be about growing vegetables in bales with Bill Gregg at the Old Town Community Garden in Ranson. It’s on May 17 at 9:30am. See you then,
Carole Brooks