Notes May 18 — Raised Bed Gardening, Mulching

Raised Bed Gardening

Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 18 May 2019
Location: Home of Suzy and Peter Yates
Topic: Raised Bed Gardening, Mulching

Members and guests of Gardeners Exchange Group met at the home of Suzy and Peter Yates. About 18 people attended. Suzy presented us with a lovely buffet breakfast with members each providing a special food item as well. Attendees then gathered around the Yates’ deck and patio poolside for some extensive gardening conversation. Members spoke of some of their favorite plants, provided gardening tips to each other, and described ventures with heron that pursued goldfish in their various ponds over the years. Names were drawn for gardening books that were ready to find a new home on the bookshelves of other members.

Afterward, Peter delighted us with a light talk about his gardening techniques, including preparing one’s own mulch and fertilizers. The morning was sunny and warm allowing members to take plenty of time to tour Peter’s extensive flower gardens and grounds. One key plant that members found fascinating was a wisteria tree specially groomed into perfect shape and providing us with the pleasure of its glorious bloom and aroma. Members brought dozens of their plant diggings for exchange, giving members the fun opportunity to stake claims for this or that particular plant, and in upcoming years, to remember an old or new friend as these exchanged plants grace their individual gardens.