Notes May 19 — Integrating Ecology into Gardening


Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 19 May 2018
Location: Home of Kathy Knock
Topic: Integrating Ecology into Gardening with James Dillon, PCH, Horticulturist/Designer, Native Havens

From James Dillon: “Understanding some ecological concepts helps land managers and gardeners steer their planting in a desired direction and maximizes our effectiveness in the garden. I’ll talk about the natural progression of different species in an area following a disturbance and the importance of identifying plants’ active season of growth. I’ll also touch on the difference between “R” (short-lived) and “K” (long-lived) plants and why it’s important in design and maintenance.” The presentation includes a tour of James’ garden.

James Dillon is the owner of Native Havens. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from East Carolina University and has been working in the field for more than 13 years, most notably at the Delaware Center for Agriculture. James’ landscape and garden designs emphasize native plant selections, environmental benefits and low maintenance. He has designed several rain gardens in the region and volunteers for the Monarch Alliance, designing butterfly way-stations for them.

Reference materials: Download the Functionality of Plants in the Garden list by James Dillon.