Minutes July 19 — Pruning

GEG Meeting Minutes: 19 July 2014
GEG-071914We met at Morgans Grove Park in Shepherdstown where we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and listened to Shawn Walker of Trees 101 tell us about Pruning Trees. There were plenty of trees all around the park that needed trimming for the demonstration.


We named all of the reasons that we prune our trees. Usually we do it for ascetics, health, safety, damage, or disease. The best time to prune is in the winter/spring. For flowering trees prune right after the tree flowers.


Hand sanitizer for clean tools


Pruning tool demo

Remove suckers all summer long. It is not necessary to tar cuts. Always clean your tools right after each cut using hand sanitizer or alcohol. Shawn showed us the different tools we would need. He prefers by-pass shear to anvil. Shawn then demonstrated how to prune a tree. Always eliminate weight by using the three step method demonstrated on his handout.



3 Cuts: #1


3 Cuts: #2


3 Cuts: #3





When cutting a limb never cut into the collar. Do not cut flush with tree. When there is more than one leader on a tree either cut out one or cut it back to make it a subordinate.

Be careful in cutting the lower branches because they protect the stump and lower branches help to feed the tree. On a small tree leave the suckers on for a few years.

Note: Jane Blash organized and handled all of the background work for the last two meetings. She has done a wonderful job. I appreciate all that she has done and feel fortunate to have her on the planning and organizing team.

Julie Neely & Carole Brooks

Julie Neely & Carole Brooks

To continue GEG, we need more help. We really need two people for each position, except for the webmaster (who could however use some help) and the treasurer. It is hard to always be at every meeting. A backup would make the job a lot easier. Julie Neely volunteered to be secretary. Thank You, Thank You, Julie. We still need a backup for the photographer (Thank You, Cynthia Crane) and for the secretary. If anyone can do this, please give me a call. The positions are not hard or require a great deal of time except for Terry, the webmaster. Thank goodness for her. She is the glue that keeps us together. Renny is marketing well–and is probably responsible for the fact that we are almost up to 120 members. I just don’t know where everyone is!

Carole Brooks