Notes July 21 — Gardening for Birds

American Robin by John Flannery

Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 21 July 2018
Location: Home of Priscilla Deem
Topic: Gardening for Birds with Becki Jones, Master Gardener

Priscilla's PondAt the July 21 meeting, Master Gardener Beckie Jones entertained and informed members and guests who gathered on the deck above Priscilla Deem’s dreamy backyard pondscape. Beckie’s presentation Gardening for Birds offered guidelines and encouragement to “thinking like a bird” as you plan and choose plants, water sources, and select feeders that will provide the right habitat for local bird species. Beckie’s handout has specifics and is posted here. There was special interest in the free “birdscaping” habitat map tools offered by Cornell’s Ornithology Department and lots of lively discussion. Members added valuable tips on which hummingbird feeder not to buy, on outfitting cats with glamorous “Bird Be Safe” collars, and applying more bird-friendly haying/mowing in large meadow nesting areas. Those who attended will all be waiting to hear from Sue the next time we see her about whether the rubber snake trick one member suggested actually worked (ed.: it worked for about half a day; a rock garden was suggested instead) and encouraged her birds to take their dust baths in a more convenient spot. Thanks, once again, to Priscilla Deem for providing such a lovely space for the meeting.

Reference Material from Becki Jones