Notes August 17 — Raised Beds for All Seasons

Raised Garden Beds

Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 17 August 2019
Location: Home of Becki and Ed Jones
Topic: A Raised Bed Garden for All Seasons

The August meeting was held at the home of Becki and Ed Jones. President Jane Blash welcomed everyone and gave a brief mention of the mission statement. Members introduced themselves and briefly discussed their gardening interests. Jane reminded the group that the final meeting of the season would take place on September 21 with Sondra Jarrell as speaker. Topic will be “Flower Choices.” Members should consult the website for details.

Website coordinator Terry Thorson reminded the group of the member-only GEG Facebook page and encouraged its use for sharing plants. Terry responded to Becki’s request for a way for GEG members to communicate with each other by proposing a password-protected page where members could describe their gardening interests and access member email addresses. Attendees expressed positive regards for this project and asked Terry to proceed with its structural and functional development.

Jane related that GEG now has an EIN number and that she and Kathy Stokey opened a GEG account at BB&T Bank to transfer the funds garnered through dues that had been collected in years past and which had previously been managed through an account with Ally Bank. Deposit amount was $738.65. Kathy and Jane will be able to individually sign checks. GEG doesn’t currently collect any dues.

Jane thanked Becki and Ed for hosting the meeting and for preparing the lovely breakfast buffet to which members contributed a various assortment of food items. Jane then introduced Becki and Ed who were our guest speakers. Becki is a Master Gardener and Chairperson for the BJEMGA Speakers Bureau. Ed is a part-time instructor with the Maryland Center for Environmental Training. Becki and Ed presented the topic “A Raised Bed Garden for All Seasons” which included their in-depth power point slides about factors to consider in planning and building raised beds. She and Ed detailed the progress of their yard and garden including the building of accessible walkways. They utilize the whole area of their constructed beds for most of the year as they transform the vegetable and flower gardens into a winter wonderland. The lighted gardens serve as an extension of their annual holiday party.

Becki provided the group with a hand-out entitled “Raised Bed Gardening References.” Afterward, Becki suggested the group come to her home for a holiday party to enjoy the garden lights. New GEG President Kathy Dillon will contact Becki about arranging a date!

Ed and Becki led the tour of their extensive gardens pointing out their numerous and dazzling species of flowers and vegetables.

Members were welcome to exchange plants at the conclusion of the tour.

Submitted by Lynn Gray and Jane Blash