Notes August 18 — Super Swapathon

GEG Super Swapathon

Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 18 August 2018
Location: Home of Carol Grant
Topic: Super Swapathon with Jane Wagner

Hercules Beetle

Hercules Beetle

The August GEG gathering provided members and friends with a fun time for exchanging some of those gardening-related items that have been hiding in our sheds and garages. Jane Wagner served as coordinator for the program and started us off with her artistic, visual instructions for a special baked-tomato recipe. Members shared favorite gardening stories including a show-and-tell which featured Christine’s giant, luminous Hercules beetle that we all had the opportunity to study up close! Attendees took time to peruse the tables of members’ donated items and to take home “treasures” including planters, seeds, books, garden tools, bird feeders and more. The wide variety of plants for exchange captured members’ interest and found their way to new homes and gardens! Members in attendance were rewarded with an amazing breakfast of quiche, egg casseroles, home-baked breads, fruits and juices. The gathering certainly provided for members to get to know one another through some great group conversations.

If anyone got a photo of Christine’s beetle, please send a copy to the website so we can post the real thing!