Notes September 19 — Begonias, Cannas, and Dahlias


Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 19 September 2020
Location: Zoom!
Topic: Grow Dahlias, Cannas, and Tuberous Begonias with Becki Jones

Well, we did it again! Had a virtual GEG meeting with LOTS of technical glitches!! Hopefully we can meet in person next season and not have to deal with the technology! Thank you to those who were finally able to hang in there and meet together. I’m not a drinking person, so I grabbed a Hershey bar to get through the morning today! Can you spell STRESS?!

Becki Jones did a fabulous presentation on Begonias, Cannas, and Dahlias! Some of the members had the opportunity to experience Becki’s presentation in the past. It was a first for me, and highly motivating. It is said that a day without learning something new is a wasted day. It’s only 11am and my daily requirement has been met! Thank you Becki.

This was our last planed meeting for the 2020 GEG year. I am happy to say, as my first year as coordinator, it was INTERESTING! The planning done in February was out the window by March thanks to the COVID19 pandemic. Who ever thought we would be wearing masks to go anywhere in public and not able to meet with family and friends outside of those with whom we live? I am personally in grandchildren withdrawal!

Now is the time to reflect on your summer, my favorite season. The cooler weather is most welcome after the heat of the past summer, but I already miss my growing veggies and spring and early summer flowers. The sunflowers are just a memory and loads of heads drying on the front porch for our parrot to snack on all winter. Marigold and zinnia heads are being dried to plant in the spring; the last of my tomatoes are going into sauce to enjoy in the winter. The raspberries from the yard (still producing!) are on the shelves in jam. Pickling cukes will be enjoyed all fall and winter, too!

Here comes Autumn, may it be a might better than spring and summer 2020…oh, election day…(sigh).

In the winter days ahead, make a list of topics you would like to see at future GEG meeting. Do you know someone who is just dying to present to a nice group of avid gardeners?? We will get together in February and plan, and as the old Jewish saying goes, “We plan. God laughs.”

Mazel Tov!

Submitted by Kathleen Dillon