Notes September 21 — Flower Choices

Flower Choices

Gardeners Exchange Group Meeting 21 September 2019
Location: Home of Jane Blash
Topic: Flower Choices with Master Gardener Sondra Jarrell

The final meeting for the 2019 GEG season took place at the home of Jane Blash. Jane welcomed the members and guests and gave a brief mention of the mission statement. Jane informed the group that a 2020 planning meeting would take place in February under the direction of our new president, Kathy Dillon. Any member interested in participating in the planning is welcome to attend. Kathy will send out an email to the membership with details of the meeting early next year. Members introduced themselves and briefly discussed their gardening interests.

Website coordinator Terry Thorson updated members on her progress on a password-protected page where members could describe their gardening interests and access member email addresses. Becki Jones reminded the group that we may be able to arrange a holiday gathering at her home to enjoy their winter gardens lighted for the holidays; members had had the opportunity to see Becki’s winter-garden slides during her presentation in August. Terry presented Jane with a gift card from the membership in thanks for Jane’s 5 years of serving as Coordinator. Jane thanked the group saying that members were a true inspiration to helping her feel like a real gardener.

Jane related that GEG now has an EIN number and that she and Treasurer Kathy Stokey opened a GEG account at BB&T Bank. The amount deposited was $738.65. The money would be used for the annual fees related to the website server and for serving items for the meeting breakfasts. GEG has no dues at this time.

Becki Jones introduced our guest speaker Master Gardener Sondra Jarrell. Sondra’s program, complete with lovely slides, was entitled “Flower Choices.” Sondra outlined and expanded on each heading. These points included: Garden Location (including soil, drainage, sun vs. shade), Care Requirements (as willingness to remove tubers for over-wintering) and Controlling Pests, Plant Size (height, width, spread), Plant Type (annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes), Color (reflect on color wheel for cool vs warm colors, complementary and analogous colors), Sequence of Bloom (for full season of blooms), and Native Plants (more tolerant of dry conditions).

Group discussion followed. Following the program, members spent time touring Jane’s garden areas and exchanging plants provided by the members.

Sondra’s handouts included the following:

Submitted by Jane Blash