Minutes October 19 — End of Season Potluck

Lessons learned from this meeting – Have October Meeting inside. It was cold!!!! Fortunately, Larry started a fire but it wasn’t enough. The pavilion provided us with a kitchen and we spent a lot of time in it. The food was SCRUMPTIOUS and the company simply outstanding. [Note: Some of us polar bears enjoyed the outdoor setting.]

Terry has put our address list in a PDF fill and will email it to those that would like a copy. If you haven’t already, contact her through the website. (Those folks who requested that their names not be shared are not on the PDF.)

If you know of an upcoming event that would interest the rest of us gardeners, please let us know so that Terry can put it on the calendar.

We talked about possible topics for next year and they were:

  • Dry Bed Gardens (Jane Blash will host this meeting and has someone to do the talk.)
  • Ground Covers
  • Meeting at the Jefferson County Fair and suggest everyone bring something for the contests
  • Bugs (We have someone in the group that can talk on this but need a place.)
  • Irrigation Systems
  • We also have Meg who said that she would do a Flower Arranging Class at her home.
  • We might be able to go to a Christmas tree farm and find out how to trim our trees.

If you have additional suggestions; if you are willing to have a meeting at your home next year; or if you know someone who discuss ground covers or irrigation, please let us know.

I talked to Mike at our Extension Office and he recommended the following places:

  • Growing Food in Bales – Bill Grag (Betty also suggested this)
  • Patriots Path – Greenhouses managed by David Hill
  • Orrs Farmers Market when the blueberries are ready for picking
  • Spring Valley Farm where they grow food for DC Restaurants (not sure they do tours)

Hopefully we will have everything down pat by our next meeting in January 2014.  Please save your seeds to share and if ordering quantity makes the price cheaper, talk to your fellow gardeners about sharing an order.  The Garden Exchange Group is here to support one another.

For give away we had: Strawberries and thornless black berries, holly and curly willow, grasses (some tall, some short), and white iris, Red Hot Pokers and bluebeard.