Minutes August 18

Minutes of August 18 GEG Meeting at the Dillon Farm

We had a very nice meeting sitting under the shade tree watching all of the hustle and bustle going on around us while we ate figs. The old equipment was sitting right in front of us and all I could think was how far we have progressed and thank goodness.

The meeting was short for there was so much to do and see. Larry’s favorite tomato is Pink Girl and it produces until frost but his wife’s favorite is Better Boy. Virginia mentioned that one of the best is Tomato Amish Paste because it can be used in so many ways and all agreed. She puts pans filled with them in the oven on low and let’s them roast for a long time – until they are crisp on the outside. That dries them out and then she uses them in her sauces and soups. It gives a nutty flavor to the end products. Everyone agreed to save seeds from their favorites for the January meeting. Hope that you are saving your seeds to share too.

We then talked about fungus and diseases. For disease resistant plants, look at the number after the name. The more numbers, the more disease resistant it is. A lot of fungus is in the soil so be sure to mulch around your plants to keep it from getting on the leaves. Clean all of the waste around the plants up and don’t compost it for it has the disease.

Now is the time to be planting our fall gardens. Things like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cabbage, peas, and beets can be planted now. Virginia brought Elephant Garlic to share. Now is the time to be digging your garlic up and remember to plant garlic in October.

The discussion moved to Lyme disease and Winston said there was good news on that front. There is a new and better test out called C6 which is more accurate.

If you are saving water be sure to use the tablets in it to keep the mosquitoes away or gold fish. There was a case of West Nile Virus in Sharpsburg. Too close for comfort.

Mark was going to have the next meeting but the state is tearing up the road in front of his house and it is a terrible mess. You know Mark – he knows how to turn a bad situation into a good one. He’s made friends with the heavy equipment guy. He got him to remove cement steps from a place he didn’t need them and move and plant a tree for him. He’s thinking about having a pond now. He told us that he needs a female peacock for the male running around his neighborhood. They had baby peacocks at the Dillon farm and he was going to see if he could buy one. We’ll find out how this saga turns out at the next meeting. Did he get a female? Did the male like her? Mark brought basil and hibiscus to share. There were other things brought but I can’t remember – SORRY. I didn’t write it down.

The next meeting will be at Ridgefield Farm. The topic is lessons learned and will be led by Diana Eldridge. This is the time to be thinking about what you have learned from this year and what you will change next. Bring your ideas and suggestions to the next meeting so that we all can learn together.

See You on September 15,
Carole Brooks