Minutes January 2012

Minutes of GEG meeting at Priscilla’s home

January 21, 2012

Priscilla and Gary’s home again looked great and we had plenty of room to meet in their Great Room. The food was delicious as was the company consisting of the GEG members who could attend. As we took our plates to the tables set up we enjoyed Pricilla’s introduction and welcome to her home.

Carol Brooks, our new Chair welcomed everyone and thanked Pricilla for hosting the January Pot Luck. The meeting began with questions like:

  • Are we going to have topics for the meetings?  It seemed to be decided that if the host wants a particular topic that was up to the host which made sense.
  • Priscilla brought up a good point that the purpose began for the fellowship and sharing plants and information.

Discussions started for any new items being tried in the gardens of the home owners and a couple had come up with:

  • Tomato cages consisting of 2×4’s, ¾ conduit and 2×3 metal wire mesh.

We will try to get some pictures in the spring and directions on doing this.

  • For Soil samples in Jefferson Co. Contact the Jefferson Co. Ag Dept.
  • Planting strawberries and blue berries in this area was discussed and it was stated that after the third year start cutting out branches that have produced to keep your plants healthy and producing well.

List of late blueberries for this area are: Derella and Aurora. Early are: Duke – (done by July 4th), North County, Patriot. (If these names are not right we can get confirmation on these at the April meeting.)

We have hosts for our meetings which will begin in April through October of 2012. These will be held on the third Saturday of each of the months starting at 9:30 am. We will send out the schedule and see if we can post the schedule on-line by the 1st of April.

Again, it was a very memorable meeting.  Thank You Pricilla.  You were a wonderful hostess and we really appreciate your membership with GEG.  It was GREAT!

Carol Brooks/Chair