Minutes July 20 — Hyperturfa

with Carol Cadle on Hypertufa

The July meeting was another memorable experience. We visited Carol Cadle’s historical home in Martinsburg. Her artistic talents were evident everywhere. It was a beautiful day and the food was so outstanding, I spent my time eating instead of writing down what it all was.

Larry gave a treasurer’s report and Lisa asked everyone, who needed a name tag, to write their name on a paper she provided. Terry talked about the business cards that we would like everyone to take and give out to friends, family, and places where there may be interested parties. This took all of about 5 minutes.

Carol is a wonderful spokesperson. Her handout covers everything to make Hypertufa. She said that you can use cardboard, baskets, cooking utensils or just about anything. If you use a basket realize that it can only be used once and will be ruined. Be sure that if you are using your Hypertufa pot for a plant to put a whole in the bottom for drainage. She made a pot for the demonstration and was going to make a lot more of them to go down her driveway. Carol was going to put decorative holes in the sides and then put candles in them. It takes talent to think of things like that. Everywhere you walked around Carol’s beautifully landscaped yard, you could see her artistic skills.

At the end Carol drew names for two people who won finished Hyertufa products that she had made.

Virginia Winston brought a lot of interesting garden books to give away and, of course, Mark brought all kinds of good things. Unfortunately, I also didn’t write down what everyone brought. I was just having too much fun.