Minutes May 18 — Naturalizing and Wildflowers

with Dianna Eldridge

We met at the lovely log cabin in the woods, the home of Dianna Eldridge. Breakfast was served from her expansive front porch and we sat in the shade on the stone wall along her driveway. The early morning overcast sky cleared for us and we had a wonderful day. Breakfast as always was absolutely outstanding. Dianna even provided the yellow paper products to enhance the beauty of the table.0518 GEG Meeting in the Woods
Carole thanked the people who were helping to make our Garden Club a success. Besides our wonderful Webmaster, Terry Thorson, we now have a Marketer, Renny Smith, and a Treasurer, Larry Krum, with money. YEAH! I would love to add someone as our photographer. It would make the minutes so much more interesting.

We started the meeting with Terry, our webmaster, suggesting that we expand the website with additional information and requested anyone who would be interested in assisting her to contact her through the GEG website. She would like to update our calendar of events to include things that are going on in our community (like Weber’s 50% off sale, etc.), and a location for plant exchanges. She would help you and it probably would not take much time to maintain.

Terry also pointed out that you can take a picture of an unidentified plant and drag it into search on Google. It will identify the plant for you. How cool is that.

The conversation moved to publicizing our garden club and it was recommended that we have cards made up to leave at different places such as the Extension Service. Renny Smith is doing an absolutely fabulous job of marketing us in the paper. Possibly we can expand that beyond the paper by leaving cards with different organizations and bulletin boards. Jane Wagner suggested that we make some that will fit in our wallets to give to all of the members so that when the opportunity presents itself, they can hand them out. A wonderful place would have been at the Back Alley Tour. Terry said that she would see what she could do about that. Lee Dawson said that he would be happy to hand out some of the cards for us.

Dianna did a wonderful presentation on Naturalizing and Wildflowers. She even had photographs of a lot of the flowers in her yard and we guessed what they were. Dianna prepared a handout of all of the information she was telling us about, Wildflowers in the Home Landscape from the University of Missouri Extension website. So my job is very easy. It includes a list of wildflowers, where they should be planted, their blooming time, color, height, and the type of soil they like. What else could you ask for!

Dianna suggests that we cover the area that we would like to plant with a biodegradable weed barrier. Some other suggestions were black plastic to solarize and kill the weeds before planting (remove the plastic). Jane Wagner suggested newspaper and then straw on top. She said you can just dig holes where you want to put your plants because the paper will decompose on its own.

Coyote Pee CupholderThe conversation moved to our constant predator – THE DEER! Betty Nuttall showed us a bell made from a yogurt cup and a wire tie which holds a sponge soaked in Coyote pee. She said that it is working! Look for Predator Pee online and try it out. Hang them all around your yard and spray the sponge every three or four weeks. The plants will love you. Ellen Cotton said that raising fox in your yard helps too and they love hotdogs.

Lee Dawson talked about a product that he is marketing for the garden. He says it produces wonderful healthy plants and brought us all samples. He thinks it is a from of volcanic ash. If you are interested, talk to him about it.

If anyone is interested in plants for their pond contact Terry Singer. She is cleaning out her pond and has all kinds of things to give away.

Pat Brown requests Lenton Roses and would like to know their color.
Here is a list of people and the plants they brought to share. If I missed anyone – sorry!

  • Betty and Don Nuttell brought, cleome, catmint, walker low dianthus, garlic chives, lavender, lambs ear, crimson barberry and other things that I did not write down
  • Ellen Cotton — burning bushes
  • Jane and Bill Wagner –perennial geranium, lung wart, creeping Jenny, white coral bells
  • Carole Brooks – day lily’s, chrysanthemums, lilac, lambs Ear, and vinca. She offered to bring white Iris next time.
  • Susan Hinkle – zinnia seeds Christine Perum – Blue Star, Cosmos, Pineapple Ground Cherries
  • Dianna Eldridge – Ostrich ferns

Our next meeting is early in the month: June 15. More information coming soon.