Notes June 18 — Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 18 June 2022
Location: Home of Nicola Bastian
Topic: Chinese Herbs

The June 2022 GEG meeting was well attended by 18 members and guests. The topic, “Chinese Herbs”, was proposed and hosted by member Nicola Bastian. Nicola’s converted school home was a perfect setting for this event with the building’s history and character, not to mention spaciousness!

Our speaker, Erika Weshinsky, is an herbal and acupuncture practitioner in Harpers Ferry, WV. She is educated in both New Mexico and China and shared a bit of the background for the work that she does to promote wellness.

Erika presented information on Chinese ancient teachings regarding the growing and use of herbs, as well as what she has learned about the energy flows in the body. “With its roots in traditional Chinese culture, Chi (also spelled qi) refers to the vital life force or energy that runs through all living beings. It is the essence of existence that flows through each of us, uniting the body, mind and spirit.” She talked about the elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water that are also a part of the art of wellness and healing.

Erika brought several plants with her that she grows at her home. She grows these herbs so that she can experience seeing the plant as it grows in nature. She provided many samples of the herbs used in Chinese medicine so that the brave among us could sample them! We talked about the aroma and taste of these herbs.

As is our tradition, members shared plants, conversation, and delicious breakfast treats at the start of our meeting. We are so thankful to Nicola for her warm hospitality and Erika for sharing her knowledge and Chines herbs with us! It was a very lively meeting with so many questions and positive comments! We were fortunate to have several first-timers and returning members at the gathering!

Submitted by Kathleen Dillon