Notes August 20 — Finding Tranquil Spaces Amid Chaos!

Peaceful Outdoor Spaces

Gardeners Exchange Group: Meeting 20 August 2022
Speaker: Diana Eldridge
Topic: Finding Tranquil Spaces Amid Chaos!

GEG member Diana Eldridge graciously welcomed GEG member and guests to her home for a discussion we called “Finding Tranquil Spaces Amid Chaos!” Diana’s once peaceful rural neighborhood has been going through growth (pains). Those attending were treated to the beautiful patio and gardens that Diana painstakingly created over the past few years. She has created a photo journal of the transformation of her yard. Paging through that beautiful photo book gave us a great appreciation of all Diana’s hard work and creativity. We all loved “Nessie” seeming to swim right through Diana’s lovely gardens. Diana’s home is decorated with a beautiful original works of art, many created by Diana. Another treat!

Diana is growing a variety of flowering plants, some trees, and a veggie and strawberry patch, to encourage pollinators and birds. Diana provides a feeding space for the neighborhood birds, too. She has a composting area near the veggie garden for kitchen scraps which become nutrient-rich soil for the next growing season.

It was apparent that several GEG members had wonderful luck with growing cantaloupe this summer — some without even planting it! Just about everybody came to our pot-luck breakfast bearing cantaloupe!

We ended our meeting by offering our suggestions for “buffer plants” which can help reduce noise and “visual clutter” from rural-to-suburban sprawl. Taking into consideration what an HOA may or may not allow, we came up with a pretty impressive list to get Diana thinking and to take to her next HOA meeting.

Submitted by Kathleen Dillon