Staying in Touch with Cynthia

Hello! to all – First, I’m so disappointed I can’t make the May meeting. I’m back in Richmond for a visit and boy-oh-boy the truckload of perennials I got at Colesville Nursery! Today I will be “shopping” for native trees on my daughter’s 11 acres of Virginia woodland. Definitely worth my trip!

Second, Marye and I visited Winterthur earlier this month and what a joy! My first visit and I took lots of photos. You can see a few on my blog:

Third, I must tell you that after last month’s meeting Marye and I did visit Sunny Meadows, my first visit, and I got the most wonderful clematis. Its a brand new for 2014 variety from Proven Winners call ‘Sweet Summer Love’ and it’s similar to Sweet Autumn although not a direct cultivar. Here is what White Flower Farm‘s website had to say:

Sweetly fragrant, free-flowering, and easy to grow! This very special newcomer from renowned Polish breeder Marczynski produces masses of small, star-shaped reddish-purple flowers in July and August with occasional flowering into October. ‘Sweet Summer Love’ is the first fragrant, multicolored clematis and can produce over 2,000 flowers in a growing season. Hardy and disease-resistant, a mature plant can cover 12ft structures.

I just had to share this with everyone!

As an aside, I am in need of a pink or lavender early blooming clematis (like, blooming right now), max about 8 ft. tall if anyone has a recommendation. I’m thinking Nellie Moser, but I’ve had it before and its not a fave of mine.

And last (and most importantly) I want to acknowledge Carol for such a great article (minutes) of last month’s meeting, and of course Terry as well for all of her hard work getting this info out there to us. We all owe you both a great debt of gratitude for all that you do to keep our group going. Thank you dear friends!

Happy gardening to all!